„Access 4 All“ Workcamps abroad

Do you want to participate in benevol work and visit a Workcamp which is open for really EVERYONE? You can discover a strange culture and meet interesting people from all over the world. The travel is the reponsibility of the Volunteers. You have to be mobile and independent or to come along with an assistant. There are also several Workcamps abroad who are adapted to the needs of Volunteers with psychical, physical or social deficits. Are you interested in the Access 4 All projects and do you want to know more about it? Contact us: 043 317 19 30 or info@workcamp.ch.

Hoch much are the costs?

Access 4 All Workcamp in Switzerland:  75 CHF

Access 4 All Workcamp abroad: 125 CHF

This fee is a social fee and was chosen, because we are convinced that the participation at an Access 4 All Workcamp fulfils our vision from a real TOGETHER (hardship cases can call us). The fee includes board, lodge and some free time activities. The travel and personal expenses must be covered by the participants.





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