What is a workcamp?

– Voluntary meaningful work in non-profit projects in the social, cultural or ecological area
– international group of 3-16 volunteers
– Duration: 2 weeks to 6 months
– possible all year round

What does a workcamp enable you to do?

– Helping people, the environment or nature to do better
– Learning special working techniques and skills
– Meaningful & unconventional holidays
– Meet people from all over the world
– Experience foreign cultures up close
– Improving knowledge of foreign languages
– Developing social skills
– Reduce prejudices, promote tolerance
– On request: Certificate Volunteering

„No one returns from a journey the way he left.
Graham Greene


– …cleaning polluted coastlines
– …taking measures to protect endangered species (e.g. sea turtles)
– …Cooperation in peace projects
– …organizing leisure activities for socially impaired people
– …teaching children in English
– …repairing hiking trails 
– …building playgrounds for children
– …supporting smaller festivals
– … etc.


«The work was very interesting, we also got a lot of background information, we had professional guides and everything was organised very well. I have learnt an enormous amount of little and big cultural differences between my culture and others. For me it was very rewarding. I have learnt a lot about construction of stone walls and a lot of French.»
Ehud Bourne, 40, Workcamp in France

«I learnt a lot about the Japanese culture as well as many other cultures (because of other Volunteers). I improved my English skills and in general, I had many great experiences.»
Claudio Graf, 19, Workcamp in Japan



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