Workcamps 2019

With this year’s Swiss project partners, we are present throughout Switzerland, in five cantons and in all language regions: Parc Ela (GR), Fondazione Valle Bavona (TI), Munt la Reita (TI), Alpinum Schatzalp (GR), fRilingue (VS, FR) and Arbeits- und Lebensgemeinschaft Hof Bühlmatt (BE), this year’s projects will be launched. Workcamp Switzerland is committed to the integration of refugees in Swiss projects. All Swiss workcamps are open to asylum seekers.



ALP FLIX in Sur (GR)
22/06/19 – 06/07/19


Through centuries of extensive use, the mountain terrace of Alp Flix www.flix.ch has developed into a unique moorland and cultural landscape with raised and flat moors, hay meadows and pastures. The Parc Ela Nature Park is leading a project to restore traditional dry stone walls. Alp Flix is a nationally protected moorland landscape. The volunteers will build and repair dry-stone walls.

Requirements: Volunteers in this work camp must be physically fit and skilled. The weather in August is usually hot, but there are also rainy and cold days at 2000 metres above sea level. Working hours are 8 hours a day with one extra day off per week.

Location: Sur GR

Accommodation & Food: Cottage Tga Zia in the village Sur within the park Ela with shared rooms and modern comfort. The volunteers have to prepare the food on their own.


VALLE BAVONA in Cavergno (TI)
07/07/19 – 20/07/19


The volunteers are involved in a foundation called „Fondazione Valle Bavona“ www.bavona.ch, which manages a nature reserve that has been protected for centuries. The Bavona Valley’s special feature is its hanging gardens. These hanging gardens are located on terraces that were originally used by settlers to grow potatoes and other vegetables to ensure survival in this raw region. Even today, some villages have no electricity. The villages attract tourists interested in the historic stone houses, nature lovers and hikers. The volunteers are responsible for the maintenance of the park, cutting bushes and lawns, helping to repair old dry-stone walls. They are used for the maintenance of pastures and paths.

Leisure programme: On Saturday, 13.7 (full day) and Sunday, 14.7 (half day) there will be an improvisation workshop with the professional clown instructor Nadja Moraes. Topic of the workshop: „Find your place through humor“.

Requirements: Most of the volunteers work outdoors. They must be physically fit. Old work clothes, good shoes, sun and rain protection must be brought along. The camp language is English.

Location: Cavergno TI

Accommodation & Food: The volunteers live in a small simple hostel with shared rooms in the village of Cavergno. The hostel is equipped with a modern kitchen, toilets and showers. Volunteers are responsible for preparing their own meals.


20/07/19 – 03/08/19


On the farm Bühlmatt www.alg-hof-buehlmatt.ch live about five people and many animals: cows, chickens, etc. The farm is also the workplace of some adults with psychological problems. The project offers these people professional care, work on the farm and a home. The voluntary tasks consist in the maintenance around the farm and in the forest, depending on the needs of the farm and the weather. Volunteers will, for example, help cut and prepare firewood for the winter months and clean the forest. More than half of the volunteers in this project will be asylum seekers from the canton of Zurich (Switzerland).

Leisure programme: Every afternoon from 24.7 to 28.7 the refugee theatre Malaika www.fluechtlingstheater-malaika.ch organises a theatre workshop together with the asylum seekers and the international volunteers.

Requirements: Most of the volunteers work outdoors. They must be physically fit. Old work clothes, good shoes, sun and rain protection must be brought along. The camp language is English.

Location: Teuffenthal (near Thun) lies in the foothills of the Alps. Teuffenthal consists of farmhouses spread over the hills. Only 180 people live there. Thun is a little more than 10 km away. Thun is a charming small town with a wonderful view of the lake and the mountains. From Thun it is only 20 minutes by train to Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

Accommodation & food: The volunteers spend the night in dormitories in a small hut near the Buehlmatt farm. There is a kitchen, a simple toilet and a shower outside the house. It is a beautiful but very simple accommodation for real nature lovers who want to live away from a big city. The main meals are prepared by the family and everyone is responsible for the main cleaning and for complying with the host’s house rules.


ALP SUMMER im Alpinum Schatzalp in Davos (GR) 05/10/19 – 26/10/19


The Berghotel Schatzalp carries, maintains and cares for the Alpinum www.alpinum.ch, the botanical garden on the Zauberberg. This work is supported by the Verein der Freunde des Alpinums. Over 5,000 plant species and varieties can be admired in the five-hectare botanical garden. A place for plant and nature lovers. The four-week minicamps à four volunteers are for volunteers who enjoy working in nature and have a flair for gardening and agricultural work. The volunteers will stew compost, weed, decorate flower beds, hay, build paths, take care of trees.

Requirements: It is a camp with camp management. The applicant should be physically fit. A flair for gardening and agricultural work is assumed. The camp language is English and knowledge of German would be a plus. A letter of motivation is desired.

Location: Schatzalp Davos GR

Accommodation & Food: The volunteers sleep in old staff rooms of the hotel. The meals are taken with the staff in the canteen of the Hotel Schatzalp.


MUNT LA REITA in Cimalmotto (TI)
05/10/19 – 19/10/19


The mountain farm Munt la Reita www.muntlareita.ch is situated in the Ticino mountains at 1430 m above sea level, approx. 1 km west of Cimalmotto, at the back of the Valle di Campo, a side branch of the Maggia valley. From the beginning the farm was managed according to ecological and biological principles. Its existence is mainly ensured by the production of cheese. In the small farm cheese dairy, the milk of the 13 cows is processed into a semi-hard, full-fat mountain cheese.

The volunteers help in the permaculture management: creating terraces, preparing soil for berries and high trunks, etc.

Requirements: Volunteers in this workcamp must be physically fit. The working hours are 6 hours a day.

Location: Cimalmotto

Accommodation: Mattress camp with a total of 19 beds (3 compartments with 5 beds each, 1 compartment with 4 beds) on the barn floor. Duvets, pillows and blankets are provided per bed. Separate guest WC/shower and kitchen.


fRilingue – 16 language and art camps for young people in Liddes from spring to autumn (VS), Estavayer (FR) und Schwarzsee (FR).

06/04 – 21/04/19; 20/04 – 05/05/19
29/06/19– 14/07/19; 06/07/19 – 21/07/19
13/07/19 – 28/07/19;
13/07/19 – 28/07/19
13/07/19 – 04/08/19; 20/07/19 – 11/08/19
27/07/19 – 11/08/19; 27/07/19 – 11/08/19
10/08/19 – 25/08/19; 28/09/19 – 13/10/19
12/10/19 – 27/10/19
28/12/19 – 12/01/20; 08/02 –23/02/20  (Ski camps have yet to be confirmed)


The aim of the organisation „fRilingue“ www.frilingue.ch is to offer young people (10 – 18 years) a two-week language camp. Language courses take place in the mornings and the afternoons are reserved for leisure activities such as sports, beach, music, dance, theatre or cinema. These projects bring together young people from German and French-speaking Switzerland. The language camps help to get to know each other’s culture and language. French and, in some camps, English are also taught. The volunteers from Workcamp Switzerland cook for the young people, cleaning the rooms, sanitary facilities and other household chores are also part of their tasks. In the afternoon, they support the young people in their leisure activities. The art camp in Schwarzsee is looking for volunteers with an art background.

Requirements: Language English, affinity for French and possibly German are an advantage. More mature personalities 20+ (autumn and spring camp 18+) are in demand here as volunteers. Volunteers should be able to prepare simple dishes. Experience in cooking for groups would be a plus. A letter of motivation is welcome.

Places: Schwarzsee (FR) and Liddes (VS)

Accommodation & Food: In dormitory. Meals are taken together with the teenagers.




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