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General Information

The minimum age is 18 years (except for teenage projects)

The project language is usually English. Exceptions are noted in the project description.

The working hours are approximately 6 hours per day.

The participant receives detailed information on the project on an information sheet one month before the project begins.

Projects may experience short-term changes through unexpected circumstances, weather…

A free membership for Workcamp Switzerland for the current year is included in the participation fee.



The application is done through the Website of Workcamp Switzerland.

Please note that the order of the selected projects acts as a priority list. Especially in the peak season, projects are quickly booked.

The best way to register for several workcamps if you wish is to note down the workcamps you wish to attend on the application form.

As soon as you have sent the application, the application is mandatory.

If it is not possible to place you in one of the selected projects, your registration will be deleted and the registration fee will be refunded. Or Workcamp Switzerland will look for other suitable alternatives after consultation with you.


Registration fee

The registration fee includes the inscription, board, lodging and the membership for one year. The payment has to be done within 14 days: Post-Finance: 40-752864-0, IBAN CH61 0900 0000 4075 2864 0 / BIC POFICHBEXXX, Workcamp Switzerland, 8004 Zürich.

Workcamp in Switzerland:                 CHF 150

Workcamp abroad:                           CHF 250

Long term project (from 1 month):      CHF 350


Social fee

This fee applies to unemployed persons and people with an invalid rent or social welfare.

Workcamp in Switzerland:                           CHF 75

Workcamp abroad:                                     CHF 125

Long term project (from 1 month):                CHF 175


In case of booking of several projects these fees are applicable

Two and more Workcamps in Switzerland:                 CHF 250

Two and more Workcamps abroad:                            CHF 350

Two and more Long term projects abroad:                  CHF 450


In case of rebooking to another project, the following additional fees are applicable

Workcamp in Switzerland:                                CHF 50

Workcamp abroad:                                          CHF 50

Long term project (from 1 month):                     CHF 100


Additional costs

In general, the rule amongst Project-organizations is that there should be no additional costs for the participants. Not all organizations can comply with this principle. Especially in poor countries, additional participation fees are demanded for participation in a project. Any “extra fees” are noted in the project description.



If you are unable to participate in a Workcamp, you should promptly notify Workcamp Switzerland.

The registration fee can be refunded in case of sickness or accident (with an attestation from the doctor).

If you cancel due to other reasons, the registration fee is not refundable. If you find another person he/she can take your place in the Workcamp.

For additional costs (travel costs, Visa etc.) that arise in connection with the proposed project Workcamp Switzerland assumes no liability.


Cancellation through Workcamp Switzerland

In case a Workcamp gets cancelled because of unforeseen circumstances, we will inform you immediately and refund back the registration fee. For other costs that arose in connection with the planned project Workcamp Switzerland assumes no liability. If desired, instead of a cancellation a transfer can be made to another project. Together with our partners we will try to offer you an alternative Workcamp. There is no guarantee for an equivalent project.


Arrival and departure

You are responsible for planning and booking your trip. The costs are covered by the participant.



You are expected to inform yourself about the current visa requirements, the current situation of the target country and take the necessary measures (vaccinations, visas, etc.).

For current travel information please visit the following website:



Liability of Workcamp Switzerland

The insurance protection is the participant’s responsibility.

Workcamp Switzerland disclaims any liability for damages suffered by the participants, especially in case of accidents, sickness and theft.



The ordinary courts under the zip code 8000 Zurich build up the Jurisdiction.

Swiss law is applicable.



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