When do the workcamps take place?
The peak season is usually in June, July and August, but we also have workcamps throughout the year.

How long do the workcamps last?
Usually a work camp lasts for 2 weeks.

How long do long term camps last?
This can range from one month to one year.

What about the costs?
The inscription fee for a Workcamp in Switzerland is 150 francs and 250 francs for a Workcamp abroad. A long term project costs 350 francs.

Who bears the travel expenses?
Travel expenses shall be borne by the volunteer. It is also the volunteer’s responsibility to organize his or her trip.

Who takes care of the visa, when required?
Again, this is the responsibility of the volunteer. For more information please visit www.eda.admin.ch.

Are additional costs possible?
Some organizations require an additional on-site registration fee for the financing of projects. The fee can be directly found under the project description.

What about food and accommodation?
Food & Accommodation during the workcamp will be provided by the project partner.

Who is responsible for the health insurance?
It is the responsibility of each and every volunteer to ensure that he/she obtains a health insurance for the whole duration of their travel, prior to arrival.

What about the health care measures?
It is the responsibility of each volunteer to take the necessary health care measures (Vaccinations etc).

What happens if I can not attend a workcamp after registration?
Then you should immediately inform us.

Will the placement fee be refunded?
A refund is only possible in the case of illness. Please note that in case of illness a doctor’s note will be required. No refund shall be awarded for personal reasons.

What happens when a workcamp is cancelled?
In case of cancellation we refund back the placement fee or if possible try to place you in an alternative Project.

How are the regulations in long term projects?
The regulations for participation in a long term project are similar to those of a normal workcamp.

How many hours will I work on average?
Work lasts an average of 6 hours a day, from Monday to Friday.

What language is used in the workcamp?
The Workcamp language is usually English. If otherwise, it will be specifically noted in the project description.

What is the minimum age for participation in a workcamp?
The minimum age is 18 years.

Are there any exceptions?
There are teenage camps for younger volunteers. These are specially marked.

How can I apply for a workcamp?
This is done through the online registration form on the Internet. After the registration you will continuously be informed by mail about the placement process.

Can I retroactively transfer from one project to another?
A transfer is possible, but will cost an additional fee of 50/100 francs.




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