You champion for a good cause, but the matter can not be realized with paid employees? You have an important project, and seeking for help? You might then need our volunteers. Become a project partner of Workcamp Switzerland and let others help you.

What is a workcamp

Volunteers from a number of countries work on different projects in order to develop community tasks such as social, cultural or environmental work. Workcamps last in general 2 weeks.

Some examples of workcamps

  • repair or set up of footpaths
  • help to realise children holidays
  • work with disabled people
  • maintenance works on historical facilities
  • nature protection and landscape preservation
  • construction or maintenance of playgrounds
  • Help to organise and realise cultural events

What you can offer as project partner

  • You let us know what kind of projects you want to realise
  • You determine a rough working plan
  • You are responsible for the work and professional supervision
  • You provide the necessary material for work
  • You provide accommodation for the volunteers
  • You provide catering
  • After the workcamp has finished, you give us feedback

From what you can benefit

  • Motivated young people work weekdays up to six hours on your project
  • Contact person is a Swiss camp leader, he/she speaks German, and can translate in certain cases.
  • Workcamp Switzerland can be contacted at any time of the camp in case of obscurities and unforeseen events
  • Workcamps awaken interest of local media

Additional benefit

Your cooperation enables young people from Switzerland and abroad to get intensive, informatory experiences. Living and working together is a contribution to stimulate mutual understanding, openness and tolerance.

Swiss volunteers get the chance to discover new aspects of their country. Volunteers from abroad can get an idea of Switzerland that we have much more to offer than just chocolate, cheese, mountains and clocks. Moreover this workcamp experience encourage people to learn another language.



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