Access for all

«Access for All» workcamps are open to people with physical, mental or social disabilities. Cooperation in groups of people with and without disabilities should become part of everyday life. For people with mental, physical or social disabilities, volunteering can be an opportunity to re-enter the world and strengthen the self-esteem in the long term. The cultural exchange in the work camps – with its multitude of biographies and social backgrounds – promotes understanding between different living environments. «Access for All» creates a learning field in tolerance and enables participants to acquire special social skills.

Who can participate?

Volunteers aged 18 and over with physical, social or psychological disabilities (IV, social assistance, unemployed). The upper age limit is open. Travel is the responsibility of the volunteer. You must be mobile and independent or possibly accompanied on the way. A certain degree of independence is required.

«Access for all» work camps abroad

There are more and more work camps abroad that are adapted to the needs of volunteers with mental, physical or social disabilities. You can discover a foreign culture and meet interesting people from all over the world.

«Access for all» workcamps in Switzerland

With «Access for All», Workcamp Switzerland opens many projects in Switzerland specifically for people with physical, psychological or social disabilities. The project partners, some of whom we have been working with for several years, have been carefully selected. The projects are made fit for the needs of «Access for all» . The camp leaders with experience in the social sector are specially prepared for these tasks.


«Access 4 All» workcamp abroad Social tariff of CHF 125
«Access 4 All» Workcamp in Switzerland    Social tariff of CHF 75

This registration fee is a social tariff and was chosen because participation in an «Access for All» workcamp supports our vision of real togetherness. Hardship cases can be reported to us by telephone. The placement fee includes board, lodging and certain leisure activities. The costs of travel to and from the event as well as personal expenses must be paid by the participants.