Conditions abroad

General information

The minimum age for participation is 18 years, except for teen camps. Minors can only register for regular workcamps with the written permission of their parents or legal guardian. In this case you print out the copy of your confirmation of participation (which you will receive by e-mail), have it signed by your parents or legal guardian and send the registration by post to the following address: Workcamp Switzerland, Ankerstrasse 24, 8004 Zurich.

English will be spoken during the missions. Exceptions are noted in the project description.

As a rule, the work duration is 5 to a maximum of 6 hours per day. The weekends are work-free.

Participants receive detailed information of the project on an information sheet, usually one month before the start of the project.

Projects may change at short notice due to unforeseen events; weather, etc.

The registration fee includes an annual membership at Workcamp Switzerland.


The registration takes place on the website of Workcamp Switzerland.

You can specify a selection of several projects. This is our priority list for your placement. In the high season, the assignments, especially teenage camps, are quickly booked out.

If you want to register for several workcamps, you can list the different projects on the registration form.

Once you have submitted the registration for a project online, it is binding.

If we cannot place you in one of the selected projects, your registration will be cancelled and the fee refunded. Or Workcamp Switzerland will – after consultation with you – look for a suitable alternative.

Registration fees
Workcamp abroad: CHF 250
Long-term project (from 1 month) abroad: CHF 350

The registration fee includes the placement including board and lodging as well as the membership of Workcamp Switzerland for one year. Payment must be made within 14 days: Post account: 40-752864-0, IBAN CH61 0900 0000 4075 2864 0 /BIC POFICHBEXXXXX, Workcamp Switzerland, 8004 Zurich.

Social fares
Workcamp abroad: CHF 125
Long-term project (from 1 month) abroad: CHF 175

These registration fees apply to unemployed persons, IV recipients* and welfare recipients*:

Multiple registrations
Two and more workcamps abroad: CHF 350
Two or more long-term assignments abroad: CHF 450
Transfer booking
Workcamp abroad CHF 50
Long-term project (from 1 month) CHF 100
Additional costs

The rule is that no additional costs are incurred by the participants on site. However, not all organisations can comply with this principle. Particularly in poorer countries, additional fees might incur for participation in a project. These “extra fees” are noted in the project description.


If you are prevented from participating in the Workcamp, you must inform Workcamp Switzerland immediately.

The registration fee can be refunded in case of illness or accident (with medical certificate).

If you cancel for any other reason, the registration fee cannot be refunded. If you find a suitable replacement, he or she can take your place in the workcamp after our confirmation.

Workcamp Switzerland accepts no liability for other costs (travel, visa, etc.) incurred in connection with the planned project.

Latest exceptional regulations for the placement

Due to the current situation in the world, it is difficult to assess whether and how the spread of the new coronavirus infection will affect the travel plans of volunteers. Therefore, we offer the following exceptional conditions for placement in a workcamp:

The full registration fee can be refunded, if you cancel your participation because of any travel restrictions, or even just because of the threat of Coronavirus.

Cancellation by Workcamp Switzerland

If, contrary to expectations, a workcamp has to be cancelled, you will be informed immediately and the registration fee will be refunded. Workcamp Switzerland is not liable for any other costs incurred by you in connection with the planned workcamp. At your request, a rebooking can be made instead of cancellation. Together with our partners, we will then try to offer you a suitable workcamp as an alternative. We cannot guarantee an equivalent replacement program.

Arrival and return journey

You are responsible for planning and booking your arrival and departure. The costs are to be paid by the participant.


Before your departure, it is your obligation to inform yourself beforehand about the entry requirements and the current situation of the country of your destination and to take the necessary measures (vaccinations, visas, etc.). Current travel information from the FDFA.

Liability of Workcamp Switzerland

The insurance cover is the responsibility of the participant.

Workcamp Switzerland disclaims any liability for any damage suffered by the participant, in particular in the event of accident, illness or theft.

Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction will be the ordinary courts responsible for 8000 Zurich. Swiss law will apply.