FAQ Asylum seekers

Who can participate?

  • Asylum seekers, temporarily admitted and recognized refugees
  • Age: 18-30 years old
  • Language: Basic knowledge of English
  • Permit: N, F, B

Why volunteer as asylum seekers?

  • Enables active participation in society
  • A meaningful contribution to a charitable project – doing something good
  • Personal recognition and appreciation by society
  • Cultural and language exchange with the local population and the international volunteer group
  • Application and improvement of German/English/French
  • Practical experience in the world of work (crafts, agriculture, etc.)
  • Volunteer certificate (testimonial): proof of skills in technical, social and practical areas
  • References for future applications
  • Get to know Switzerland’s new region
  • Free of charge: board, lodging and leisure activities

What is the background to the project «Entry Assistance Workcamps for Asylum Seekers»?

A refugee in the asylum procedure has hardly any access to a simple job, even a free one. As a result, the people affected are socially excluded. A charitable commitment breaks through the protracted waiting process and new motivation can be created.

What is the background of the offer «Informal Learning»?

With the informal learning opportunities offered in the Swiss projects, Workcamp Switzerland promotes asylum seekers in their personal and social skills and strengthens their psychological resilience. Most fugitives find themselves in a stressful life situation. Many of them suffer from the consequences of war, hunger or violence and are traumatised. The informal learning activities promote resilience with the following protective factors: Self-confidence (self-worth), expectations of self-efficacy and sense of belonging in the group as well as the experience of being able to actively create relationships.