Project partner

You are committed to a good cause, but your concern cannot be realised with a paid workforce? You have an important project, but you lack hands that can help? Then you can certainly use the help of volunteers. Become a project partner of Workcamp Switzerland and let yourself be actively supported in your work.

Through your participation as a project partner, you will enable young people from Switzerland and abroad to gain educational and formative experience. Living together and working together is a contribution to promoting mutual understanding, openness and tolerance.

Some examples of workcamp missions

  • Repairing or creating hiking trails
  • Cooperation in the organisation of children’s holidays
  • Leisure activities for disabled people
  • Nature conservation and landscape conservation work
  • Assistance in the preparation and implementation of cultural events

What you offer as a project partner

  • You tell us what you need volunteers for
  • You submit a rough working plan
  • You are responsible for the work assignment and the technical instructions.
  • You provide the necessary working material
  • You offer accommodation and meals to the volunteers
  • You give us feedback on the progress of the work camp after the assignment.

What you benefit from

  • Motivated young people work up to six hours on your project on weekdays.
  • With the 7 camp leader, you have a contact person who speaks your language and is based in Switzerland. He or she can also be engaged as a translator* if required.
  • In the event of uncertainties and unforeseen events, Workcamp Switzerland will be at your disposal throughout the duration of your assignment.
  • The Workcamp makes your request popular. Workcamps arouse the interest of local media.
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