The association

Workcamp Switzerland offers a platform for transnational encounters, joint projects and intercultural dialogue. Together with project partners, we initiate and organise international volunteer projects in Switzerland and refer Swiss volunteers to projects abroad. We address young and increasingly older people who are willing to get involved in ecological, cultural or social projects within the framework of international volunteer assignments. In the two-week work camps and in long-term assignments lasting up to several months in Switzerland and abroad, volunteers work on a charitable project. Working together promotes solidarity and reduces mistrust and prejudice.

The idea to found Workcamp Switzerland came from the social worker Sophie Kaiser. As a volunteer, she has worked on various projects in Europe and Latin America. Her experiences motivated her to organize workcamps in Switzerland and to send volunteers abroad. Other people quickly became inspired by this workcamp idea, so that the association Workcamp Switzerland was founded on 10 January 2004. Workcamp Switzerland received ideal support from the «Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations» right from the start. In the first season of 2004, more than 50 volunteers from over 20 countries and 4 continents took part in our 6 workcamps in Switzerland. Find out more about the founding time of the association in the first newspaper article about Workcamp Switzerland.


  • We are a non-profit association and do not pursue any economic interests.
  • Our range of services applies to all people who are interested in volunteering at home and abroad and want to get involved, regardless of age, origin, religion, gender, residence status, with or without impairment, see also « Access for all ».
  • Our offer is inexpensive and therefore also accessible for economically weak people.
  • In a joint effort, language and social skills are expanded, new skills learned and very personal experiences gained.
  • The commitment for the general public is in the foreground.
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