The project

Project «Help for Asylum Seekers Getting Started Workcamps»

Since 2015, Workcamp Switzerland has been committed to the integration of asylum seekers, refugees and temporarily admitted persons, in voluntary missions in Switzerland. Since 2018, our association has been opening up existing volunteer assignments with the project «Einstiegshilfe Workcamps für Asylsuchende» (Entry Assistance Workcamps for Asylum Seekers) to an increasing extent for participants with asylum status, most of them from the Canton of Zurich. In consultation with the mediating social, asylum or church organisations, we adapt the volunteer assignments specifically to the needs of asylum seekers.

Workcamp Valle Bavona

Informal learning opportunities

Starting in 2019, Workcamp Switzerland offers new informal learning activities in several volunteer placements. For this purpose we have entered into cooperation with the clown pedagogue Nadja Moraes. Nadja Moraes conducts her two-day workshop «Find your place through humour» with a focus on asylum in several projects.