Volunteering in Switzerland 2020

2020, we are present at four locations in three cantons. Workcamp Switzerland has also been committed to the integration of refugees in Swiss projects. All our workcamps are “Access 4 All” projects and open for refugees.

BIVIO (GR) 21.06 – 04.07.20

The extensive use of the terraces around Bivio for centuries has created a unique moor and cultural landscape with moors, hay fields and alpine meadows. The nature park “Parc Ela” is leading a project for the reconstruction of traditional dry-stone walls. The village of Bivio is also called “The Pearl of Julier” and is the last village on the Julier Pass before entering the Engadin. The voluntary work includes the reparation and construction of drystone walls. This environmental commitment offers you the opportunity to get to know the art of dry-stone walling from scratch.

Requirements: The volunteers in this project must be fit and have certain skills for physical work. Normally the weather is hot in summer, but there can be rainy and cold days at almost 2’000 m above sea level. The working time is 8 hours. Because of this long working time, there is an additional day off per week. It is the perfect place for hikers and people who want to lead a simple life in the wilderness of the Swiss Alps.

Location: Bivio GR

Accommodation & Food: The volunteers are preparing the meals themselves. The volunteers live in a simple accommodation in a beautiful region of Parc Ela. The village of Bivio is located at about 1’800 m above sea level. The workplace is close to the accommodation. Transport to the workplace is provided by a minibus.


VALLE BAVONA in Cavergno (TI) 05.07 – 18.07.20

The volunteers work for the Fondazione Valle Bavona foundation which manages a nature reserve that has been protected for centuries. The Bavona Valley is characterized by its hanging gardens. These gardens are located on terraces that were originally used by settlers to grow potatoes and other vegetables to ensure survival in this harsh region. Even today, some villages have no electricity. The villages attract tourists interested in the historic stone houses, nature lovers and hikers. Volunteers are in charge of the maintenance of the park. They contribute to preserving the traditional rural heritage mowing fields and traditional gardens, cutting grass and plants from stones, stone walls and houses, repairing and building dry stonewalls.

Requirements: Volunteers are working outdoors what can be physically demanding. They should bring along warm, robust working clothes, sun and rain protection and hiking shoes.

Location: Cavergno TI

Accommodation & Food: The volunteers will live in a small, simple hostel with shared rooms in the village of Cavergno. The hostel is equipped with a modern kitchen, toilets and showers. Volunteers are responsible for preparing their own meals.

Valle Bavona

ART CAMP in Solothurn (SO) 27.07 – 08.08.20

The intercultural art of “Text images” has been started in 2006 and will be carried out for the 16th time this year. The creative workshop plans to paint the “Text images” of young volunteer artists from different nations on canvas. The project promotes encounters and the mutual understanding between young people from different countries. Using brushes, ink pens, crayons or other tools, they bring their own short texts, poems, word-collages etc. or those of famous literary figures from their country of origin to the picture designs. Their intercultural „Text images” are then made accessible to a wide audience during an exhibition, the second week of the camp. Painting and design workshops will be offered for children and young people from Solothurn.

Requirements: You will spend most of your time with the people in charge at the Intercultural creativity workshop. Experience in creating arts is an advantage and it would be helpful if you are a student in art and active artist. All volunteers are required to send a personal MOTIVATION LETTER (please attach some photos of your own art works) showing their interest, experience and knowledge in the field of art.

Location: Solothurn is one of the most picturesque baroque towns in Switzerland where Italian beauty and French charm mixed with Swiss German realism meets. Solothurn is situated close to the Jura by the river Aare.

Accommodation & Food: The young artists will sleep in the scout house outside of Solothurn in St. Niklaus. They will travel by bus to their working place in a studio in Solothurn. The volunteers will cook together during the Workcamp.

ALP SUMMER in Davos (GR) 13.06 – 04.07.20/ 10.10. – 31.10.20

For nature lovers, who are interested in garden and agriculture work! – In the beautiful region of Davos Schatzalp there is the „Alpinum”, a huge botanical garden in the mountains. An association was founded to support this garden and to save some rare species and the nature over there for the next generations. In this botanical garden guests can find many rare plants and about 5000 different types of species and cultivars. Every year, there is a lot of work to be done in the botanical garden. The Volunteers will support the gardener in his daily work. The main work will include haying, weeding, preparing wood and cutting the lawn.

Requirements: The motivation of the volunteers has to be very high to work outdoors and it can be physically demanding. Volunteers should be interested in agricultural and garden work. That’s why a MOTIVATION LETTER is required. Volunteers should bring along warm, robust working clothes (water proofed), trekking shoes (suitable for the mountains). Work is six hours a day, two days per week are off.

Location: Schatzalp Davos GR

Accommodation & Food: Volunteers will sleep in the hotel in small staff-rooms. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided from the personal canteen. In the hotel there will be ordinary holiday guests, volunteers will stay in the personal flat and spend the time together and with the employees of the hotel.

Schatzalp Davos