What’s a workcamp?

A workcamp is a non-profit short-term volunteer placement in an international group. Together with volunteers from different countries you support a social, ecological or cultural project abroad or in Switzerland. A work camp usually lasts two weeks, but longer assignments are also possible. The group size varies from 3-16 volunteers, the working time is five to six hours per day (Monday to Friday). Prerequisites for participating in a work camp are motivation, flexibility, openness and independence.

At least as important as community service is group experience and shared leisure time. On weekends, for example, you go on excursions into the surrounding area. Through your commitment, you get to know new people from all over the world. A workcamp will weld you together in a temporary community and create friendships.

In over 50 countries

Workcamp Switzerland offers workcamps in over 50 countries worldwide. Throughout the year you will find international offers. In order to meet local needs, we only work with local organizations.

Why join a workcamp?

Volunteering abroad is a journey of discovery to other cultures and people – and often to oneself. You experience the culture and society of your host country in a very unconventional and authentic way. A work camp is also a good way to get started and then travel on your own.

Long-term missions

Would you like to get involved in a project for a longer period of time, try out what it’s like to live abroad or are you simply looking for an exciting intermediate year in the distance? Especially in Asia, Africa and South America, Workcamp Switzerland offers interesting long-term assignments. Such an assignment gives you the opportunity to get to know a country better and to integrate yourself. You will learn what culture and living conditions are like; how people live, what they eat and how they think. To find this out, you need to stay several months in a country.

Teen camp

Workcamp Switzerland arranges so-called teenager camps especially for 14- to 17-year-olds or camps from the age of 16. The teenage camps last two weeks and usually take place in Europe. In the teenager camps, working hours are shorter and there are leaders with appropriate training. For the participation in a teenager camp the consent of the parents is needed.

Volunteering in India

Family camps

Workcamp Switzerland offers special Familycamps. These camps for parents and their children usually take place on farms in Europe. There are also exotic destinations for adventurous families. In addition, it is always possible to inquire for all other assignments whether the assignment is suitable for families.

Senior citizens

Increasingly, we also receive enquiries from older people who would like to join a workcamp. With their great life experience, senior citizens are always an immense enrichment for the international volunteer group. We are happy to accommodate individual wishes and needs such as single rooms.