Why with us?


As a member of the international umbrella organisation of the European Voluntary Service Organisation, «Alliance» for short, we are committed to the «Quality Charter». Thus we guarantee the quality of all international volunteer projects. At the national level, Workcamp Switzerland is Intermundo-SQS certified. Compliance with the quality criteria is checked externally every 3 years.

Part of a social movement

As a member of the Alliance, we are part of a social movement. The core concerns are the inclusion of excluded people, gender equality, peacebuilding, sustainability and climate justice. In so-called «Working Groups», the Alliance addresses these urgent socio-political issues. Through its volunteering activities, the Alliance offers the opportunity to do voluntary work regardless of nationality, gender, age or economic, social, psychological or physical conditions.

Cooperation with local communities instead of «VolunTourism»

Workcamp Switzerland works exclusively with international partner organizations that offer sustainable charitable volunteer work. The projects, which usually last two weeks, are organised either at national or regional level, but always in partnership with the local communities. Voluntary work is used as an instrument to improve active citizenship and democratic, political participation. The tourism industry is booming with so-called «VolunTourism» offers. With many of these mostly very short and relatively expensive offers, only the «volunteer demand» is satisfied.