FULL – Germany: Magic Forest Path Bernau 13/10/2019 – 23/10/2019


Renew the magic forest path! The magic forest path leads 2,4km through beautiful mountain scenery with high moors, forests and mountain pastures. Many educative elements and game stations (with wooden sculptures of Wizard Merlin or different animals, a witch’s house, a climbing tree…) make the path attractive for children and families. Under the guidance of local professionals you will support the maintenance of the path. This will include the work on a wooden plank walkway leading through the moor, the distribution of wood chips on other parts of the path, the renovation of handrails, game stations or signing. If you have ideas for new elements to make the path even more attractive, you are welcome.

Accomodation and food

You will stay in a mountain hut used in winter as resting place for people doing Nordic skiing. Here they can buy warms drinks and small snacks. The hut offers a dormitory, a kitchen and sanitary facilities. It is an extraordinary place to stay. You will cook together.

Location and leisure

Bernau is located in the highest part of the black forest. The accommodation is at an altitude of more than 1.000m. As many tourists visit the area in summer and winter, you can find many attractive places and sights. In the neighbouring village there is also a swimming pool. But of course the nature is the most attractive. A perfect camp for nature lovers! The access to Bernau is not easy. The quickest connection is via Zurich Airport (3 hours with several changes), but it is in Switzerland so you might need an additional visa; otherwise Frankfurt (5 hours) or Karlsruhe. The latest bus arrives in Bernau at 7 p.m.

Project hosted by

Bernau is the name of a collection of hamlets in the heights of the Black Forest. Bernau is surrounded by a beautiful nature with high moors, forests and mountain pastures. The village attracts many tourists, hikers in summer and people doing Nordic skiing in winter. Parts of this fantastic landscape are a nature protected area. Therefore it is very important to make it accessible to people but at the same time guide visitors so that they don’t leave the established paths. This is the background of the magic forest path in Bernau. The local community created this path to attract families with children and enable them to experience the beautiful nature without damaging it.

Meeting point

before 7 p.m. in Bernau